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July 22-25 2019

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MVP CES Matt R - Thumball Saves the Day

Check out this great video and hear how Matt used a Thumball to save an icy group

Certified Experiential Specialist


Become a CES

Becoming a certified experiential specialist (CES) sets you apart from peers in your field. You will have the specialized training you need to provide and debrief experiential activities, aimed at surfacing a wide variety of experiences. 


Create an Experience

Experiential activities are designed to create experiences that facilitate group cohesion, team building, leadership skills, problem solving, and emotional regulation.


CES Certification Process

  • Complete 40 hours of training 
  • Complete 10 hours of experiential supervision (2 hours must be individual supervision)
  • Demonstrate competency of core skills.


40 hour Training Intensive $ 550

Supervision fees are up to the supervisor

Training materials - to include copy of book Facilitated Growth - Experiential activities for Recovery and wellness


Download the brochure and application for more information on the CES program

Application (pdf)


Brochure (pdf)