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Coaching is a concept that comes from the sports world. If you played a sport in school, you are familiar with the role of a coach. He, or she, is the one who organizes the team, plans the practices, runs the drills, critiques your performance and gives you pointers on how to improve. The coach supports your purpose.

You may also have experience with another type of coach in your adult life. If you’ve ever used a personal trainer at the gym, you know about coaching. The trainer designs your workout with your individual goals in mind to help you achieve those goals. They use their knowledge of physical education, body building, kinesiology and any other related training they have to help you improve. You could go to the gym and do your workout without the personal trainer, but you know it would not be the same. When they are with you, you push a little harder. When you have the trainer beside you motivating you and answering your questions as they come up, you feel empowered to get results. You don’t skip the last rep when you know someone is watching. And when your personal trainer tells you you’re capable of one more, you do it because you are committed to your goal.

The same is true for a recovery coach. CRSS coaches bring a lot of knowledge about addiction recovery and help you through your individual program. They don’t do the work for you, we walk beside you as you do it. You steer the process by telling us the outcome you’re looking for, and we guide the steps along the way. Our recovery coaches help you figure out what steps you need to take in order to reach that outcome. You know you want to live a life in active recovery, yet you don’t necessarily know how, what to do, or where to start. A recovery coach understands the process of recovery and is there to guide you through it.

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Everything productive starts with a plan. You have a goal for recovery, and the recovery coach helps you develop a map to reach that goal. You know you want to maintain recovery, but you are not sure what to do when the cravings start, how to handle expanding your recovery network, addressing the shame of your active addiction. Your recovery coach will have the answers you need and be accessible to you in navigating the trials and tribulations that naturally accompany early recovery.

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