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Enhance Your Facilitator Skills

Join MVP Consulting staff and your cohorts for a facilitator program that will be like none other you have participated in. This experience enhances the  skills necessary for any experiential facilitator.

The Experiential Facilitation 101 training created by Michelle Cummings, the "Big Wheel" at Training Wheels,  is a fundamental training for the experiential facilitator.  This three-day training provides an important  step in building the foundational skills necessary to lead experiential programs.


Program topics include:

 Basic Facilitation

Be able to provide basic disclosure and framing presentations for participants at the beginning of a program.

• Effective Sequencing:  Be able to plan and sequence a basic experiential program

• Safety:  Emotional and Physical

• Program focus:  Skill Development based or Concept based

Experiential Theory

• Experiential Learning Cycle – Kolb Model

• Effective Debriefing – Top 10 techniques



Facilitation Skills

• Active Listening, Linking, Confronting behaviors, Blocking and Supporting, Controlling Dominate Participants, The Art of Giving Effective Directions, Learning Styles, Creative Partnering Tools, Attention Getters, Managing Group Energy, Empathizing, Courage, Willingness to Model, Presence, Belief in Group Process, Stamina, Self Awareness, Sense of Humor, Inventiveness:  MacGuyver Facilitation, Analyzing Games, Ability to Cope with Verbal Attacks, Refocusing Groups

Experiential Activities

• Icebreakers

• Energizers

• Problem solvers

• Initiatives

• Processing and Debriefing

Who is this training for?

You are most welcome!


 This training is open to any professional wanting to increase their skills in experiential facilitation. Professionals of all levels of education and experience are welcome. This training is applicable to you regardless of the field or setting you are intending on applying these methods.  Professionals such as teachers, preachers, coaches, therapists, counselors, corporate trainers and CEO’s have all benefited from this training.

What do i get


Your registration includes 3 full days of training. 20 continuing education hours approved through ISEP. A field guide manual that contains the facilitator script for the activities you will see during training. Facilitator Kit that has 10 of the processing tools you will be exposed to during the training. 

What should i expect


• Experiential Teaching Methods

• 45 Facilitation concepts taught

through activities.
• Reinforcements tools.
• Fun & Laughter

Upcoming Events

September 7-9 2019

MVP Consulting Office

9am - 5pm

MVP Consulting Office 2621 Sandy Plains Rd Ste. 101 Marietta GA. 30066

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September 7-9 2019

9am - 5pm

MVP Consulting Office 2621 Sandy Plains Rd Ste. 101 Marietta GA. 30066